Friday Food Quiz number 80

Pink’s has done another Quiz for us! Sorry, today is a little rushed so I had to do this quickly, I still need to do a few things for Easter Lunch.

What does pomegranate mean?
It has something to do with the colour, but I am not 100% sure of the meaning.

Where is Torta Pasqualina traditionally served on Easter Friday?

Where is Mazurek cake traditionally served over Easter?
Poland, I had a Polish friend in the USA who would tell me all about this cake, sharing her traditions and such with me

What are the main ingredients of mayiritsa, a Greek Easter soup?
Lamb Offval

What is the main ingredient of a Pilaf?

What are quenellas?
What we know them as is basically a food item made into an oval or egg shape, but also known as a creamed meat, which is mixed with breadcrumbs, with a light egg binding which is poached.

What is traditionally served on top of “steak tartare”?
Raw Egg

What is the difference between a bouchée and a vol-au-vent?
There is a very fine line difference between the two.  Vol au vent is a small pastry case with a hole in to fill with sweet or savoury fillings, while a bouchée is a small pastry casing use to fill with savoury fillings.  The one is French and the other is Swiss if I am not mistaken.

When is Babka traditionally served?
It’s again a Polish thing, it is served for Easter Sunday

What is “kokkina avga”?
Red dyed eggs that represents the blood of Christ.

Happy Easter Everybody!


Friday Food Quiz Number 79

I am so glad Pink’s Quiz is back!  Thank you for taking the time to put this together for us!

What is palmiers also known as?
Palm tree or elephant ears, someone once referred to them as “glasses” as well, don’t know how accurate that is – it’s a type of pastry and gets its name from the shape it is made into. 

Where will you most traditionally be served “Soji”?
In Durban, it’s a common Durban Indian dessert

What is a ragout?
A meat stew

What is a Monte Bianco?
An Italian dessert of pureed chestnuts which is topped with whipped cream – resembling the “White Mountains”

What is orzata?
From my knowledge it’s Italian, it’s a type of stock syrup that is made with rosewater, sugar and almonds. I would assume this is used as a base for cocktails, or desserts.

What are the main ingredients of a meuniére sauce?
Butter, parsley and lemon – this is for the sauce, however there is a meuniére preparation method whereby you coat fish in flour first and sauté it in a pan.

What is an Heirloom seed?
Pollinated seeds that are handed down from generation to generation

What is the main ingredient of beignets de banane?
Beignets would be the main focus, these are deep fried donughts, banana being bananas, so I am assuming a banana puree being one of the main ingredients, and to make beignets which is just a deep fried choux pastry – flour, butter, yeast, milk, oil

What is the main ingredient of falafels?
Having made these many a time, as well as eaten many a time, this is a easy one.  Chickpeas.  I love a good falafel burger with pickled beetroot & tzatziki!

 What does “pickling” means in culinary terms?
Preserving method using acid brine solution like vinegar.

Pinks Quiz #77

I have to be honest; I have not been on the blogs in a really long time. Between work being hectic, my father in hospital and trying to build on new recipes but not feeling really inspired, I have been kept away from reading the on goings, and more importantly posting on my own blog. My beautiful friend over at PinkPolkadot sends out these quiz’s, I love taking part, gets your mind up and thinking a little, even though so much should be common knowledge to me as a chef, often I have to really sit back and think hard. So why not run on over to Pinks blog and do the quiz, you might just learn something new!

1. What is the main ingredient of a farinata? the name means “made with flour” but specifically
chickpea flour

2. What is a burrata?
It’s an Italian cheese made from mozzarella & cream

3. What is traditionally the main ingredient of a croquette?
Shoo, I had made my fair share of these, mashed potatoes are the main ingredient

4. If I talk about Nemagold, Hernandez, Travis or White delight, what am I talking about?
These are all varieties of sweet potatoes, well I know the Travis & White Delight are, so I am hoping the other 2 fall into the same category

5. What is the difference between a taquito and a flauta?
The Taquito is the Spanish name and Flauta is the Mexican name for a tortilla filled with beef or chicken or the likes, but it all boils down to being the same things really

6. What are the three main ingredients of the Greek soup, called Kotopoulo avgolemono?
I know it as chicken soup with a weird egg lemon sauce

7. What is the difference between a broad bean and a fava bean?
 Fava beans always reminds me of Hannibal Lecture (he he he), they the same bean, just different names used for it

8. What is Strozzapreti also known as?
 This is that funny pasta (yes that’s the official chef term I will use), otherwise known as the priests strangler, derived from how the priests ate it too quickly because it is so nice, and chocked on it

9. What does oregano means?
I have no idea what oregano means, however I do know it’s a herb which is part of the mint family, used in cooking but also great for skin and respiratory problems.

10. What is rillettes?
 It’s a type of pate, in traditionally pork is used, cooked with fat until really tender and soft, and can easily shred. Used as a spread. Now days any meat is used but the method is pretty much the same, also commonly known as “rough / chunky pate”

Pinks Quiz #71

Been a while since I have taken part. So Pink’s, here we go…

1. What does “to butterfly” means in culinary term?
This is so easy, yet such a hard thing to explain without demonstrating. Basically means to “spread open with a knife”. So you cut for example, a piece of meat, open to an extent where it becomes thinner. This technique is done mainly when you want to roll the meat, or you want to cook it to a medium – medium well stage, it quickens the process. I am going to actually look up and see what my books have to say about this subject.

2. What are traditional peperonata’s main ingredients?
Bell peppers and onions

3. What is a whoopie pie?
These are awesome! I use to eat these in the USA a lot! It’s basically two pieces of cake that is sandwiched together with frosting in the middle, it’s the same shape as a rather large oero cookie.

4. Mission, Manzanillo, Sevillano and Ascolano are varieties of which fruit?
These are all varieties of olives

5. What are traditional financier’s main ingredients and why are they called financiers?
Almonds? The name means dainty I think, it comes from the French. It’s got to do with the chef who invented these goodies had a shop situated close to the stock exchange.

6. Where does lemongrass originate from?
Southeast Asia

7. Where did Swiss rolls originate from and what are the main ingredients of a Swiss roll?
Eish…good question. I would imagine from the name, it would have originated in Central Europe somewhere. Jam being one of the main features of a Swiss roll, and of course the flour, sugar and eggs.

8. How many “eyes” does a coconut have?
What? Ok…you have me stumped. I wouldn’t know, I didn’t even know coconuts have “eyes”

9. What is “crimini” more commonly known as?
These are your common button mushrooms, or otherwise know as white mushrooms

10. What is the cooking method that combines stewing, steaming and roasting called?

Pinks Food Quiz #68

Wohoo! Got around to doing Pinks Quiz, I know I hardly post at the moment. After season and the wedding, I shall make an effort to post daily! It will be one of my new years resolutions!

1. Who introduced Turkeys to Europe?
My guess would be the British, but I have no clue.

2. What is Gammon?
Cured pig meat, traditionally the hide leg which is deboned.

3. What are the three main ingredients of the cocktail Cosmopolitan?
Vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice

4. What are Mince pies filled with nowadays?
dried fruit, apples, some spices, and alcohol.

5. What is a Bundt cake?
Well, it’s actually rather simple. A bundt cake is a cake baked in a bundt pan. The bundt pan is a cake pan which is shaped in a distinctive ridged ring shape. This cake was such a craze when I lived in the USA, you would walk into any bakery type place or food place and you always had the option of a million different flavors of bundt cake.

6. Where did Panforte originate from?
Italy, it’s a dessert very similar to fruit cake.

7. What is sprue?
The first pickings or “thinning” of the asparagus is known as the sprue

8. What is fresh coriander called in America?
Cilantro – one of my favorite herbs to use! The freshness is so unique!

9. In which country is stollen a traditional Christmas cake?

10. What is Chami?
From my understanding it is a sort of Filipino type dish. But I am not 100% sure about this.