Pinks Food Quiz # 66 and other news

Not been on the blogs lately, however, I did get hold of the latest Taste Magazine and read the awesome write up of my beautiful friend Tandy from Lavender & Lime.

I have been really under the weather since Wednesday, finally gave in and went to see a doctor yesterday. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be A-OK again, he suggested lots of rest to help my body rebuild the damage that has been done…

Today marks my brother’s 30th Birthday!

So I have to give a great big shout out to my big brother! Hope your day is filled with all the love and happiness you could ever ask for, and more!

Along with this great celebration, I am now 9 weeks and 6 days away from our wedding, I am super excited and can not wait to marry my soul mate & best friend (and favorite person in the world). Still not found the shoes I want…I am starting to think I should just get married barefoot!

Another interesting happening in my weekend…I got my little cheffy paws on the Verlaque Dried Mango & Chili Reduction. Now I want to play! But I first have to feel better! Been reading all my Taste Magazines and Food & Homes, finding inspiration!

Pink’s Quiz is always a great way to educate not only myself, but others, and I so do love reading everyone’s answers.

What is an Italian dumpling better known as?

What is “strata” in culinary terms?
Bascially a brunch type dish, you place layers of leftovers on a piece of stale bread, cover with cheese, and a milk & egg mixture and bake in the oven.

What does “sous vide” means?
Cooking foods that have been sealed in an air tight plastic bag, by means of a water bath with controlled (lower) temperature over a long period of time

The “fifth taste” discovered by Japanese scientists, called “umami” describes what?
A mixture of savory & beefy kind of flavor

What are the main ingredients of “vichyssoise”?
Otherwise known as Potato & Leek Soup, served cold, I am going with potatoes, leeks, cream, and stock

What is Mentsuyu?
Japanese condiment made from soy sauce, dashi sugar and mirin

The fruit of which African tree is use to make monkey bread?
Baobab tree, otherwise known as Adansonia (thank you Bonzai reseach!!!)

Why is fish traditionally served with lemon?
Enhances the flavor of the fish, would be my guess

What is tahini?
It is a sesame seed paste which is appears a lot in Mediterranean cooking

What are the basic ingredients of Fregolata, a hard and crumby cake, which are eaten all over northern Italy at the end of a meal?
Flour, butter, eggs, almonds, vanilla and I think its lemon juice that goes into this cake

Cous Cous – Food so nice they named it twice

I remember cous cous being a rather in depth question in my Food 101 exam…and since then, it has made many appearances on my dinner tables…

Couscous is a Berber dish ( Berber cuisine is considered as a traditional cuisine which evolved little in the course of time) of semolina traditionally served with a meat or vegetable stew spooned over it.

Couscous is among the healthiest grain-based products. It has a glycemic load per gram 25% below that of pasta. It has a superior vitamin profile to pasta, containing twice as much riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, and folate, and containing four times as much thiamine and pantothenic acid.

In terms of protein, couscous has 3.6 g for every 100 calories, equivalent to pasta, and well above the 2.6 g for every 100 calories of white rice. Furthermore, couscous contains a 1% fat-to-calorie ratio, compared to 3% for white rice, 5% for pasta, and 11.3% for rice pilaf. (Thank you WikiPedia for the info)

My all time favourite way to use cous cous would be in a salad. It’s easy, quick and healthy…everything I love about food!
We had some friends over, and I had not really planned a salad, so I quickly put this together…

Cous Cous Salad

To make the perfect cous cous, you need to use equal parts cous cous to water. Thats the secret behind the magic in a box.
I used 4 cups couscous to 4 cups boiling water. To the water I added 2 tsp of mint sauce. Set aside, covered with plastic wrap, until all the water has been absorbed.
The best part about this salad, you can add exactly what you feel like…my list of salad ingredients are the following:
Dried pomegranate
Diced onion
Dice jalapenos
Diced capers
Diced feta
Dice red & yellow peppers
Finely chopped fresh coriander

Let couscous cool and add all the ingredients together, season and serve. I drizzled a little Verlaque Cape Lemon Olive Oil Cranberry Balsamic Reduction Pomegranate SPLASH!
This is a great salad now that the warmer weather is setting in and we are coming out of our winter blues.