African Evening Menu

I am doing a special African Evening at the restaurant, 31 July, and this is the menu I have sent out, would love some feed back…its to late to change it…but I dont know if this menu pops enough!

African Cuisine Evening

31 June 2009


Suya Kebans, and Akkras
Grilled skewered beef with a spicy mango rub, served with black bean
fritters and relish


Zambezi Chicken – succulent cubed chicken sautéed and infused in a traditional
Zimbabwean peanut and onion sauce


Nigerian Meat Stew – Stewed beef, oxtail and chicken, in a tomato and plum sauce

Joloff Rice Puthu Pap
Scheebu Samp & Beans
Plantine & green bananas


Tropical Fruit Pancakes – tropical fruit filled crepes topped with fresh cream and
a rhubarb reduction

love & bubbles


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