Chocolate & Sambuca Sauce

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am doing a 5 star dinner this month for Bolton Food for Life. I love my job, and love new challenges, but this last one had me a little… dumbstruck! The evening theme is black and white, so they don’t want any colourful popping sauces in on the plates as garnish, and was asked to do something “black”. Now their first thought was “black icing”, my first thought was “gross”. I don’t want to eat my food and have bits of icing sugar allover…yuck! So after some thought, and talking to one or two people, I decided on a dark chocolate & sumbuca sauce, very different, but yet, it kind of leans both ways, its not to sweet and makes you think of cake, but it also pops in your mouth.

So I thought I would give you a quick how to on this sauce, go try it, and let me know what you think, its so easy really!

You will need

Chocolate slab (I use dark/sweet, but feel free to use any plain chocolate)

3 tsp Butter

2 shots Sambuca

3 tbs fresh cream

Melt your chocolate in a dish over boiling water

Add soft butter to the chocolate mixture (this need to be done before you add your Sambuca as it will cause the chocolate to go hard)

Blend well

Add your Sambuca (to taste – if you like more add more)

Remove from heat

Whisk until mixture is a dark smooth velvety consistency

Add your cream last

Easy as 1 -2 -3

The best place I could think of using this sauce…on a ice cream Sunday. Get a tall milkshake glass, put a little sauce to cover the bottom, layer chocolate brownies, nuts, ice cream, a little more sauce, do 3 layers…on top, two scoops of ice cream, half a brownie…a nice dollop of fresh cream, topped with this sauce and sprinkled lightly with nuts….now that is the perfect dessert to share with someone special!!

Have a fun filled day of cooking!!

love and bubbles



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