Tiramisu – oh so yummy

What a crazy day this has been! But here it is finally!!

5 Eggs, separated
5tsp Sugar
4cups Espresso
500g Mascarpone cheese
3 packs Ladyfinger biscuits
30ml Cape Velvet (or any liqueur you choose)

Beat egg yolks with sugar until light and lemon-yellow.
Beat in the cheese, a bit at a time, until creamy and smooth
Beat the egg whites with a wire whisk until light, fluffy and stiff.
Blend egg whites into the egg yolk and cheese mixture.
Pour the liqueur into the cooled coffee.
Dip ladyfingers into the coffee mixture.
Line a pan with the ladyfingers.
Pour in half of the cheese mixture.
Layer the remaining ladyfingers on top. (make as many layers as you wish)
Cover with the remaining filling.
Chill in the refrigerator.
Lightly coat coco powder over the top

And some photos!


love & bubbles


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