The Magic of Rooibos!!

As I sit here thoroughly enjoying my one of my all time favorite things, and thinking of a very good friend, J, who I adore dearly (who happens to enjoy Rooibos ) I thought I just have to share it with you all!!

Redbush Cappuccino! I don’t think there is a better drink out there…wait….Venti skim green tea latte, 2 pumps, extra hot (Sadly no Starbucks in SA just yet – MAKE A PLAN STARBUCKS). As a non coffee drinker, well, more of very rare occasional coffee drinker, I prefer my tea. I love all kinds of tea, from English to Redbush (Rooibos), flavored, green teas…although I do draw the line at Chai Tea. Somehow, that just doesn’t float my boat as much as the other teas.

Now Rooibos is such a wonder tea…my mom often asks if I am sick (or old) as she is a strong believer only sick…and old people need to drink Rooibos, however, I strongly disagree there.

So here is my advice on using Rooibos, in different ways instead of just your normal brewed pot of tea.

The old favorite
Rooibos, lemon and honey

The Commoner
Rooibos & milk

Rooibos Espresso
Rooibos teabags, tore open and poured into the handle of the espresso machine. You now actually can get the Rooibos Espresso mix already made, so you don’t have to try and test how many tea bags you need to tear open based on how strong you like your tea

Red Cappuccino
Shot (or 2) of red espresso, pour steamed and foamed milk over it. Drizzle with a swirl of honey

Red Latte
Dollop of honey into bottom of latte glass. Pour steamed milk, a scoop of foamed milk, leave room for the double red espresso. Pour double red espresso shot delicately down the one side of the glass into the froth. Top off a drizzle of honey on top.

Best EVER Iced Tea
Fill a chilled glass with ice (cubes or crushed – your preference), pour honey over ice, pour cooled Rooibos espresso shot over ice & honey, add lemon slices to taste, and mint leaves

Red Frappe
Blend crushed ice, milk and a double red espresso shot together. Pour into chilled glass, drizzle honey on top

Chilled Red
Fill the chilled latte glass with ice blocks. Pour cold milk over the ice, leaving room for the double red espresso shot. Add a teaspoon of honey to the hot espresso before pouring in the milk, if you don’t, your honey will harden, mixture should be stirred

I also use Rooibos in a number of sauces / rubs / foams in my kitchen, its really more than just a tea! I will post some interesting recipes in the future.

Enjoy it!!!

love & bubbles




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