French toast…oh so divine!

Now who does not like this yummy eggy bread meal? I know I sure do!

French Toast
(makes about 6 – 8 slices)
Bread of choice (sliced)
4 eggs
½ cup milk
Butter (or oil, I prefer butter but again, its a personal preference)

Crack eggs into bowl, pour in milk.
Heat pan and toss in butter
Soak bread in mixture, and fry until outsides are browned.

Now that’s the basic part…now comes the great thing about French toast – Its versatility. You eat it just like you want!

I like my French toast with cinnamon sugar, as they come out of the pan, put cinnamon sugar on, then stack the slices so the cinnamon sugar melts…oh so delicious!!!

Now there are so many ways to top French Toast…

Bacon & caramelized banana & maple syrup…or…just simply with Ketchup…or honey…or butter & jam…however you enjoy this amazing dish…


love & bubbles



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