Barista – new brand from Bertus “Starbucks” Fourie

So yesterday got oh so much better! Feeling frustrated, I went into the kitchen and played around. I did a little experimenting, and just getting so lost inside the kitchen, away from planning and menu designing, and whining about this and that and the next thing. I just cooked…

To me, cooking is like doing this crazy dance…my kitchen is my dance floor, I waltz from my griller to my fryer, doing a swirl, I samba to my ovens…around the table…do a foxtrot up the length of the table…and towards the fridges…grab what I need and shake my booty back to my grills. I love the flow, the grace of being in a kitchen…along with playing in the kitchen, I got a bottle of wine from one of the reps, telling me it’s newish, and I need to try…let me tell you, I fell in love with the label. One thing about me, and it comes through it most things I do, whether it be cooking or painting or sketching…I love simplicity. Bells and whistles don’t do it for me. We have a saying in the trade…good food is all about smoke & mirrors…and it’s so true…you take your basic thing, and with a little creativity, you can wow people beyond your wildest dreams!

So this wine…Barista is an exciting new brand from Bertus “Starbucks” Fourie, the winemaker who created the coffee Pinotage style in South Africa. As he felt that this Pinotage blend was his best ever, it seemed appropriate to name the brand.

It’s Descriptionimg_102_product_441
A burst of intense, rich coffee and chocolate aromas with ripe nuances of mulberry, plum and Maraschino cherries. The sweet aromas of vanilla and banana follow through on the palate and create with the ripe, luscious tannins a wine ready to be enjoyed.

Now, I have not tried it, but not only is Bertus Fourie a fantastic wine maker, but he is also the wine maker from my top 3 estates – Diemmersfonetein. And those of you, who know me, know that I am a great lover of Pinotage and Syrah. So I can only expect great things from this wine! Will have to keep you posted!

love & bubbles



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