Paella & the Barista…

I finally got to open my Barista tonight, and let me tell you, I fell in love…instantaneously! What a superb wine this is…

I was invited over to my parents for dinner…being told that Commi will be cooking…which is very strange, let
me tell you this. We have this joke in the house…My dad is Master Chef, I am Executive Chef, and my mom is Commi Chef…simply because my mom believes with two chef’s in the house, she has no need (or want) to cook. But let me say, although Master Chef did most of the actually cooking, Commi didn’t do to badly for herself. She was great in the kitchen, and I was very impressed with the end result.
So off I go over to their place, holding onto my Barista, because tonight is the night she is opened! On the menu tonight was Paella, now let me tell you, this Spanish dish is not the most difficult to make, however, you have to be very careful with your flavours, you do not want to have a “mixed pot.” Master Chef likes to use oil, whereas I like to use butter instead, I feel the flavour is so much more intensified, and if I do use oil when cooking, I prefer it to be…wait what does Rachael Ray call it…EVO. (I think that so damn classic…she says “use evo”, then she says – extra virgin olive oil – why abbreviate it if you going to use the name anyway??!!?)


Anyway, I opened the Barista…which by the way is a screw top. Now I have read many arguable differences between screw top versus cork…I do like screw top…I have to admit…but lets not focus our attention away from the Barista. The nose on her is amazing, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised…it’s been a long time since a wine has really caught my attention so intensely. She really is just so beautiful…her colour, her scent…and then her taste. WOW. She has a slightly dry finish, but it was really a very good pairing with the Paella. Then, feeling like something sweet after dinner, which I very seldom to as I am not a huge dessert person, I looked over at Master Chef and at the same time we both said…caramelized banana flambéed! Master Chef has trained me well!

What a lovely evening it was for sure! It’s great to see my brother, we hardly see each other, due to my work schedule, and his, things just get hectic.

Love & bubbles



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