Basil & Mayo Salad Dressing

I do this very quick, and very easy salad dressing for a chicken salad, you can actually use it for any salad, I just find that will a nice piece of grilled chicken, over garden greens, this salad dressing is amazing. Its so easy, you don’t even need to think. You can make the basil more if you like the taste, or more garlic, it really all depends what you like.

Basil Mayo Dressing

Fresh basil, stalks removed
Mayonnaise (can use any, even Trim)

Put mayo, garlic and basil into a food processor and blitz. You are looking for a nice smooth consistency. Add milk to make dressing thinner, or you can keep it thick. A little seasoning to taste and you have a great salad dressing.

It is also nice for a dip, with pita breads, or chips, I sometimes even use it instead of plain mayo for fries, or just on a sandwich.

Enjoy it!


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