Beer Potjie

I got my butcher to cut me “potjie meat”, I asked for not to many bones, more meat than anything else. I used half lamb, and half beef.
1 bottle of beer (I used castle)
oil / butter
Chopped garlic
Chopped onions
new potatoes
pickle onions
baby carrots
baby marrows (cut into the same size as the rest of the veg)
patty pans (cut into the same size as the rest of the veg)
mixed herbs
salt pepper
beef stroganoff mix

I put my potjie on my gas stove as I don’t have braaing facilities for that large a pot at the restaurant.
After cleaning my potjie pot (I will blog about this later), I fried the onions in the oil and butter, added the garlic. Sprinkle mixed herbs and salt & pepper
Add meat, once meat has browned, add the bottle of beer. Use the water to cover the rest of the meat (if the beer does not cover it all)
Close lid…leave to cook…depending on the amount of meat, but a good potjie should take you about 4 – 6 hours to make. Keep your heat very low! Do no lift the lid of the potjie.
After about 4 hours add the onions
Every 20 – 30 minutes add a new vegetable, starting with what takes the longest to cook…
potoes first,
then carrots,
then patty pants and baby marrows
lastly the mushrooms
I layer it, for every new layer of veg I put on, I add more mixed herbs.
Do not stir your potjie at all!!
Once you are happy the meat is soft, and the veg is ready, mix your cornflour, paprika and beef stroganoff mix with cold water. Add to boiling potjie…do not mix right away, use a spoon to kind of just shift the meat and veg side to side gentle so the sauce can thicken.
Just before you serve, you can mix. Your potjie pot stay hot for a while, so remember if it is standing for a while, it will cook further, so serve right away!

I did the same with the chicken potjie, I just used chicken breasts and drumsticks instead of the beef and lamb.


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