Easy Malay Curry

Easy home curry!

I love a great curry…all kinds! This is such an easy curry I do at home often!

I am all for mixing different meats together…chicken and prawns is a great combo with this curry. Tonight I did a lamb and pork for my curry.

My spices I used all depends on the strength I want. So of course adjust to what you like more.

Curry powder
Ground ginger

I friend my onions in olive oil, and gave the onions a good drizzle of brandy…let the alcohol cook until you don’t have that strong smell anymore. Add the meat, brown and add some water to cover. Let cook until meat is soft. Add some potato cubes and carrots for a little colour. Once your veg is soft, I like to thicken my sauce a little with cornflour. Salt to taste of course!

You can serve with with a numerous amount of things…rice, rotis or naan would be my choices 

Enjoy it!


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