Garlic, Almond and Grape soup

Ok…so here it is…this weird and wonderful recipe that I got hold of. have changed a few things from the orginal, just because I can…and thats what chefs do 🙂 So here is my version of this very different soup!

Garlic, Almond and Grape soup

300g pealed almonds
6 cloves garlic, chopped finely, with a pinch of salt (must be creamy)
150g white bread crumbs
1L chicken stock (or veg stock if you are vegetarian)
30ml white wine vinegar
Ground black pepper
Ground ginger
200ml plain yogurt
400g white seedless grapes, peeled and halved

Lightly roast your almonds, then place in a blender and blend until a fine powder
Add garlic, ginger, bread crumbs and half of the stock to blender. Blend on low.
Add rest of stock and blend until smooth.
Put mixture into a bowl and strain, add vinegar, black pepper and yogurt to strained mixture. Season to taste.

Chill for about an hour.

Add grapes and serve cold


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