Butternut, Feta & caramelized onion Quiche

Butternut, Feta & caramelized onion Quiche

Firstly, I use puff pastry, I hate short crust pastry, it’s very crumbly, and I find it to be too thick. So I just used store bought. When I arrived in this kitchen, they were making their own short crust, and the smell was awful!

Butternut, cubed
Onions, cut pole to pole
coarsely chopped parsley (I can think of all the herbs I wanted to add to make you go WOW, but I have to keep it simple at the restaurant…one that does pop into mind is Dill)
chicken stock (or veg stock)

I roasted my butternuts with a little butter and a touch of garlic, and let cool.
Friend the onions in butter, until beautifully caramelized, let cool.
Mix feta, cooled butternuts and cooled onions, and add parsley, and season.
Line a greased quiche pan (I made individual ones) with pastry.
Blind back for 5minutes at 180 C
Mix egg, milk and stock together.
Fill pastry with butternut mixture and pour in egg mixture.
Bake for a further 15 – 20 minutes until top is browning and pastry is golden.


One thought on “Butternut, Feta & caramelized onion Quiche

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