Some Inspiration for Crayfish

I got so excited about the idea of those yummy Crayfish sitting in my freezer…I put together a few ideas…I know exactly which ones I am going to do…so I will blog that recipe when I have done it, and taken some decent photos, now that I have learnt from Nina how to!

Crayfish & Kingklip Potjie
Something interesting and different, but very South African. Use “lighter” vegetables, white wine, fresh herbs and serve with fresh sourdough bread. Hollow out the bread loaf and put the mixture inside. You can do the same for the curry, or the soup, even the Creole!

Red Curry with Crayfish
Add some prawns and line fish you have laying in your fridge and you have the perfect meal. Served on Thai Rice Noodles…the colors will blow your mind!

Crayfish soup
simple yet delicious meal or just use as a starter to kick off a great main meal

A great Louisiana Crayfish Creole
nice and flavorful, melting pot of all different flavors

Crayfish Braai
Also very south African, and then you can just spice it up with different sauces…these came to mind…

a creamy white wine, garlic & thyme sauce

go traditional and do lemon garlic & parsley butter, cover with gorgonzola and let it melt…and drink the wine

a nice mouth exploding Cajun sauce made with red pepper, black pepper, garlic, and shallots

Or use any of these great sauces with your Crayfish on a bed of home made Fettuccini. The 3 main things you need to remember about crayfish…garlic…butter…wine


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