Spanish Evening Photos

So Spanish evening was a great success, fun was had by all which was great. The food was very good (ha ha if I do say so myself), I made it differently to what I normally make it at home, or for a smaller group. Cooking for a lot of people you have to kind of do things differently, but in the end, the end result was delicious. And the compliments flew left right and center! So without further ado, here are some photos of the evening…

The beginning stages of the Seafood Pella

The Tables

The centre pieces

The Tapas

Pa amb Oli
Freshly baked rye bread, served with stuffed tomatito cherry, olive oil, whole garlic and a spicy home made tomate sauce

Grilled berenjena with roasted sweet peppers, marinated black olives, drizzled with olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar

Pinchitos Morunos
Small Morish pork kebabs, lightly spiced and grilled to perfección

Brochetas de Gambas y Bacon
Prawns wrapped in air-cured bacon, served with a fresh limón

Chilled sopa de tomate, served with a dollop of fresh nata

The Paella’s cooking

Seafood Paella Plated

Meat Paella Plated & Seafood Paella Plated

Bunuelos de Viento
Light-as-Air Spanish Fritters, dusted with azúcar glasé and filled with Bot avellana & nombre coñac custard

Love Flowers!


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