Ocean Basket Service – Disgusting!!!

I was so disgusted with this service at this restaurant, I had to put it up here. This is the same compliant I lodge with both the local restaurant as well as the national complaints for the OB group.

Ocean Basket – Garden Route Mall
George, Western Cape

I went for dinner at the local OB last night (17 / 7 / 2010 between 7pm – 8pm), and after a lovely meal, the waiter ruined it.

She didn’t bother to explain any specials to me (which I left slide). After battling to get her attention to bring me the bill and then again she took her time to bring the card machine, I was paying with my debit card, when she swiped the card, handed it back to me, looked at me and told me my card was declined. I was a little taken back, she then smiled and said “just joking”. I was disgusted and just left. A perfectly good meal ruined.

I find this HIGHLY unacceptable behavior from a waiter. I am in the industry myself, as a chef of a local restaurant in George, and because of this pathetic behavior from this waitress, I shall NEVER return to OB George (or any other OB), I shall also proceed to tell anyone and everyone how disgusted I am with the service of this OB. I am often asked for recommendation in the area, OB George will not be one of my recommendations.

I was table # 41, and my waitress was Desiree.


One thought on “Ocean Basket Service – Disgusting!!!

  1. That is disgusting – they are not a favourite of mine and now I have another reason not to go back. You could have been entertaining guests – and that comment could have cost you a lot!

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