Brie & Green Fig Snoek

I spent a few days with my family about 2 weeks ago…and whenever my mom sees me, she always asks “when are you going to make me snoek like you always promise”

Now, let me give you some background on me and my (lack of) love affair with snoek.
Growing up, I had a very large Afrikaans influence, and my grandparents had holiday homes both on the West Coast, as well as in the Garden Route. Now…we all know what magical things spring from the West Coast of our beautiful country…yes yes…Snoek and Crayfish.

As a child I use to always want to help my father set up the smoker for the snoek, it would be a regular dish on the Sunday lunch table and MC was often referred to as the master of snoek.

So always being exposed to snoek, I was not to fond of the scent…the cooking process was fine, and eating it was fine…not my fave but definitely not one of my NO NO dishes…however what use to really put me off snoek was that smell that lingered throughout the house for days and days afterwards.
Now days, it does not phase me so much, so I happily make my mom snoek whenever I have the opportunity…this time round…I thought a little out of the box…and this is my latest easy peasy snoek recipe…and in true Chef Angeliqueca style…sorry, I don’t have exact measurements…just go with feeling…

Brie and Green Fig Snoek

A nice large size snoek, cleaned and butterflied. I personally like to remove the “spine” of the snoek, otherwise known as the “giftige stukkie” but my mom and brother love it, so I didn’t remove it.

I got this really great Brie and green fig cheese from the local fruit market in George (they have some great brie combinations, and all round some great cheeses – locally produced cheeses from the Karoo and surrounding areas!)

Bottle of whole Green Fig preserve
White wine
Crushed garlic
Salt & Pepper
Fresh parsley

I placed the snoek on some tinfoil, seasoned it, rubbed it with some butter and crushed garlic. Placed slices of Brie generously over the snoek, a few whole green figs here and there, splashed the snoek with white wine and a little of the syrup fr om the fig preserve. A little parsley for some flavour…wrapped up the snoek in the tinfoil parcel and placed in on the braai)

I would personally enjoy this with some home made pot bread, a well chilled Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc…and great company…which I had all 3 and then some!


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