Milkstout Ice – Cream

I got this idea a while ago, I first used Amarula, but then I had a trainee who put me onto the idea of milkstout. I have used this in a few of my functions, used it on Monday night again, and just made me realize that I have not published the recipe on this blog. I have tweaked this a little more to my own personal liking…this is so easy and never fails!

So here it is:

Milkstout Ice – Cream

3 tbsp nespray powder milk
1 can milkstout beer
1 tin condensed milk
3 cups double cream

Beat cream to a stiff consistency, careful you don’t want to make butter

Mix powder milk, condensed milk and milkstout together until smooth

Add mixture to cream

Place in freezer over night, you will need at least 10 hours to chill this. Once you start using it, it starts to melt quickly and takes time to freeze again.

This is a wonderful combination with deep rich chocolate.

You can replace the milkstout with other flavors as well – Amarula, Cape Velvet, flavored liqueurs – strawberry liqueur with chopped fresh strawberries. The possibilities are endless!!! Go wild, be creative!

Go as far as using less liquid, and it can be turned into a lovely cream icing for your favorite chocolate cake. It is simple, easy and oh so versatile! And that is what I believe cooking should be!

2 thoughts on “Milkstout Ice – Cream

  1. Mmmmmmm. Having recently made a guinness choc cake, I really enjoyed the complex flavours that the beer gave to the sweetness of the cake. This sounds as if it would have those same yummy flavours.

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