Pork Neck stuffed with Rooibos & Brandy infused Dried Fruit

I know I have been neglecting my site; I am going to try get that sorted out soon!!!!  Forgive me!

I have just been so crazy busy, my Head Chef went on leave, his wife just had their 2nd child, so a very warm welcome to the new bundle of joy, who join the family.

While he has been away, I have been holding down the fort, let me tell you, harder than I expected, and I am really looking forward to his return so we can share the work load again.

The property I come from, although I was head chef there and did the job with ease, it is much smaller than this one, and along with having to run a halfway house, a main kitchen doing al la cart breakfasts and lunches, Monday Night Easy Dinner, and Wednesday Night Curry Evening, I also have to do functions for golf groups and feed a daily staff of about 40 people.

And then of course the bane of any chef’s existence, the paperwork and random admin duties that needs to be done and kept up to date. So its been a challenge, a learning curve and I have embraced every moment of it, and loved it, knowing that I am only learning more and more…and living the dream!

As all my followers know…”signature” ingredients are

Brandy, Cumin, Rooibos, Cilantro, and now my new one is Jack Daniels!

Not all together I might add, but these are referred to as my signature ingredients.

So when I had to think of a menu for this month, I wanted to see where I could throw in my signature and really make my own identity here…and one of the dishes I did stood out the most for me…personally and for a lot of people!

Pork Neck stuffed with Rooibos & Brandy infused Dried Fruit

Pork neck, deboned
Dried fruit (infused in the Rooibos & Brandy Syrup)
Salt & Pepper

To make the Rooibos & Honey Syrup

Rooibos tea bags
Lemon Juice
Vanilla Pod
Water, enough to just cover the sugar

Just place all the ingredients into a saucepan, and let simmer for about and hour

Then, soak your fruit in the cooled syrup overnight.

When you are ready to make the magic happen, cut a pocket into your pork neck, and rub some garlic, rosemary and seasoning, place fruit into pocket, and tie up with butchers string.

Roast in the oven @ 180 C; keep basting it with the left over syrup, until cooked.

I find Pork is such an underrated meat, and I understand the religious aspect of not eating pork (I lived strictly Kosher for 3 years), but you can do such amazing things with this cut.

Don’t knock it until you have tried it!

Last night I did a jack Daniels marinated rump on the spit…more about that later!


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