Daily Diary…Things I am Grateful For

Things I am grateful for…

As many of you have noticed in my last posting I seem to have fallen in a very negative frame of mind…since that posting, I feel I have had to make more of a conscious effort to be happy…to not let other people’s negativity effect me…and change my personality.

So I have been thinking about things I am grateful for….and here is my little list…

I am grateful that at 28 I am able to say that without a doubt I have found my passion in life…and that every day I wake up and am following my dream…

I am grateful that I have a specialize skill which allows me to follow my dream…and not only do I have this skill, it’s a natural talent and further more I am able to grow and better this skill on a daily bases. I am grateful that all my knowledge I have gained has come from hard work and amazing friends and family who inspire me each day…
I am grateful for the most amazing man in the world who loves and supports me no matter what mood I am. He treats me like a princess.
Every day I am made to feel as if I am the most beautiful woman alive…I have finally found all that which I have been wanting…which would complete me…he is my best friend…my lover…my soul mate all rolled into one amazing package.

I am grateful for family, who even though live 4 hours away, always remind me who I am, and where I came from…and who love and support me unconditionally…who humble me in my craft, and remind me that although I sometimes get a big head and my ego wants to get the better of me, I am still human, and that I should always treat others like I would want to be treated. They remind me on a daily bases that I am where I am because of hard work, and because I am kind and courteous to other people…and karma rewards those that does good….with a pure heart.

I am grateful that I am able to carry on with my studies..that I made that choice to carry on, I am able to learn…and to grow within my career, but more important, grow within myself and broaden my knowledge in the field I am in.

I am grateful that I have a job, which sometimes requires a lot of hard work, long hours, anger, stress, uncalled for behaviour…I am working, and earning a salary, which enables me to live a comfortable life. I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, doing what I love doing the most in the world…cooking.

I am grateful that I have the ability to change my negative mindset to a more positive one…that I can realize that I am unhappy and that the only person who can make me happy is myself…and that it is no one else’s fault when I am sad or angry…I make that choice all on my own…

I am grateful for amazing friends who are from all aspects of life, who bring smiles to my face, and who remind me that I am loved…and I have to just mention a special blogger…Blossom…your advice the other day has changed me…it has made me stand back and consciously decide that a change needs to be made…and I want to share that advice with everyone…

Someday everything will make perfect sense.
Meanwhile laugh at the confusion,
smile throught he tears
and keep reminding yourself that
everything happens for a reason.

And with that…I am wishing you all an amazing week…may it be filled with lots of love and bubbles..



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