Poached Pears with a Mixed Nut Ice Cream

Working for a family with 6 children, one of the many issues I had to deal with was variety…each kid ate someone else, at a certain time, some liked this some liked that…to keep them all happy at a meal time was somewhat of a challenge…but one thing they did all agree on was that they loved ice cream (what kid doesn’t right?)

Friday was always our special ice cream day…if they were well behaved that week, I would always treat them to ice cream after school…but then came that special problem of each one of the 6 wanting a different flavors…I found a very simple solution…

Vanilla ice cream and I would just mix up whatever they wanted in there, re-freeze it and there you had your own special ice cream that “their Angie” (as they would call me) had made for them…

With this idea in mind, tonight on the dessert menu was Poached Pears served with home made mixed nut ice cream. This is such an easy dessert and is so quick that it’s the perfect solution for dinner parties or just a quick treat for the family.

Poached Pears

White wine
Cinnamon round
Star Anise

Peel the pears, place all the other ingredients in a pot over a low heat, place pears in liquid, cover with grease proof paper and let simmer for about an hour. Never let it boil as you will cook out all the alcohol and you will be left with flavorless pears.

Mixed Nut Ice Cream

Pecan Nuts
Vanilla Ice Cream

Crush all the nuts and mix into the vanilla ice cream. The best way is with a kitchen aid and a paddle attachment; it incorporates the nuts into the ice cream. Place back in freezer for at least 4 hours prior to serving it.

You can substitute the nuts for anything, some flavors I have played with are:

Peanut butter cups
Mixed berries
Chocolate chips
Home made fudge
Lemon and Orange

Now the poaching of the pears takes me to another recipe….

Apples poached in Hazelnut Liqueur, served with Orange Cream…that recipe to follow soon!


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