30 Day Photo Challenge

I have not really been creative in the kitchen much. I have to be honest when I say that most of my days are spent with admin right now, but I have been giving a lot of thought to the kitchen lifestyle…and my thoughts are all along the lines of Pastry. Never been one of my strong points as I have always loved the Hot Kitchen, but lately I have been feeling this draw to pastry…so let’s see where that adventure takes me.

I am currently doing a fun thing on Facebook which my friend Cas inspired me to do…thought I would maybe just post it here too. It’s called 30 Days Photo Challenge. Basically it’s just your day in pictures…so I kind of figured that I would add it to my blog. Please also note all those wonderful friends and loyal blog followers who have been a part of my blogging from day one, I have deleted that blog and shall only use this one as of today.

I have done 5 days so far, so will just place all 5 days in one post…starting tomorrow, all the posts get their own special day!

Day 1 – A picture of you, along with 10 facts about yourself

1. I love it when people use my full name.
2. I live by 2 mottos. Never let the fear of striking out stop you from playing the game.
3. The second one I use when I cook – Keep it simple, keep it real.
4. I have managed to see 25 of the USA states, and a good 70% of South Africa.
5. I collect T-shirts.
6. I am engaged to the most amazing man.
7. I am very close to my parents.
8. My great passion is cooking.
9 If I was not a Chef, I would be an artist.
10. I mastered the Full Wheel Pose last year.

Day 2 – Person You Have Known The Longest.

My parents are my best of friends. I have been fortunate that they love me unconditionally and always supported me in all my little crazy adventures. Codi, my Siberian Husky, represents them so well, when I went overseas to find myself they took him in and he has now since become their baby. Mom always has beautiful encouraging words that keeps me well grounded, Dad always has loving words and I get my talent from him! Without them, I would not be where I am today

Day 3 – Photo of your favorite TV show.

I love Scrubs, I have probably seen all 10 season a good 3 – 4 times, and every time I still laugh! Love the comical relief that it delivers…and most important….sh ows you that you have to make your job fun!

Day 4 – Photo of my Night

Due to work commitments, I often spend my nights at work in the kitchen, when I am not working, I come home and the best part of my evening is knowing that my fiancé is waiting for me. We cook dinner together, have a drink, share stories of our day, talk about our lives, our dreams and mostly just spend time cuddling on the couch and watching TV and just being together. I also love a great book, and love getting into bed early and reading. Currently I am reading Jodi Picoult’s Sing You Home, which is just amazing! I don’t want to put it down!

Day 5 – Photo of my favorite memory

I have so many beautiful memories, it was hard to just pick one…but the one that stands out the most for me, and I often think about is the trip I took to San Francisco in 2008.

It was a 3 day trip from Chicago, cross country to San Francisco, I met the most interesting people on that train. From a guy who was retired and all he did was travel by train, he was from Boston and was doing a West Coast trip for the 10th time, Sergio Garcia who was one of the stewards on the train who kept me company for a while (and saved me from having to converse with a crazy person!) and we had such great conversations, we became good friends, I met an Australian who was on his way to Vegas and tried to convince me to get off with him in Nevada and do a 6 hour bus trip to Vegas, we drank Bloody Marys and played cards with an elderly couple.

But apart from that…the most spectacular memory was when I saw the Golden Gate Bridge. It took my breath away…I met a wonderful newlywed couple under the bridge who I happen to bump into while I did a tour of the famous Alcatraz. I took a bike ride over the bridge to a beautiful little town where I drank coffee and read the local paper…I ended my week long trip with one of the most amazing meals I ever had at The Stinking Rose, where everything on their menu included garlic. I can honestly say, I fell in love with the city of San Francisco…


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