Pink’s Quiz #62

Pink has a quiz out again! I am slowly finding time to partake again! Also great way to just refresh on a few things and learn!

1. What is a Mille Feuille?
3 layers of puff pastry, with layers of cream and berries, traditionally glazed with icing sugar on the top. I am playing with the idea of having a mille feuille wedding cake, just working out the logistics of it! I think it would be awesome

2. What is the national dish of Indonesia?
I know this one…Nasi Gorgen (sp?!?)

3. Percentage wise, how much water does a mushroom contain?
Based on food COS, you get a 90% yield out of a white mushroom, so I am guessing water is about 10%

4. What is Ponzu?
Sounds Asian…a sauce of some sort? Would imagine something tart like

5. What is the national fruit of India?
I am going with banana

6. What is the difference between a pawpaw and a papaya?
I always assumed they were the same thing? Both tropical fruits,

7. What is “Caldo verde” and what is the main ingredient?
Green soup, the colour is achieved by using kale

8. What enzyme does pineapples contain that tenderizes proteins?
Bromelain, Most marinades have pineapple in

9. What is Amchoor more commonly known as?
Mango, I know this from reading all about lassi’s (the drink, not the dog!)

10. What is a Machiato?
Coffee drink, basically an espresso “marked” with milk


5 thoughts on “Pink’s Quiz #62

  1. that would make an awesome wedding cake! For our wedding we did cupcakes (long before they became popular) and one smallish cake just for the cutting 🙂

    1. The cupcakes are always a winner, most of the weddings we do go that route now. I would love to have different mille feuilles as well as a nice large one for the cutting of the cake. My first ideas was layers or different cheeses and fresh fruit and crackers, but concerned about how many people might not share my love for cheese!

    1. Not that one, but we make mill feuile a lot in the kitchen! Yeah the cheese thing is old now, need something more exciting!

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