Secret Santa Visit

I love how my beautiful and inspiring friend, Tandy over at Lavender & Lime always gets us bloggers involved in fun activities and great challenges, her latest one being Ready Steady Cook, which I encourage all you foodie bloggers to get involved in, and even you non foodies, it will be great fun!

Last year, Tandy got a few bloggers together for Secret Santa, I was a late comer due to the fact that I hardly ever get around to blogging anymore, which I am going to change this year (Thank you New Years Resolutions).

My Secret Santa gave me this beautiful gift!

I love it. The magnetic measuring spoons are going to come in so handy! I can just clip it against my knife magnet at work, and never have to worry about never having measuring spoons again, because all the other chefs know not to touch my knife magnet. Along with the measuring spoon, I got a little packet of basil paste from Robertsons, which I am going to make my favourite quick lunch – some fresh pasta with basil pesto and grated grana padana. Yum!!!! I also got a lovely apricot preserve.

So with this, I want to thank my Secret Santa, you know who you are!!

Have a beautiful Sunday blogland


6 thoughts on “Secret Santa Visit

  1. How lovely! The magnetic spoons are a fabulously practical and handy gift. Enjoy Ange. And all the best for 2012. May it be an awesome year for you. Lots of love xx

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