Beautiful Books….what more could I ask for

Now that I have time on my hands, I have been busy with finalizing a few wedding plans, I happen to forget about some flowers, and in a slightly fast dialling motion, I quickly phoned my dad, who just laughed and told me not to worry, he will take care of it all. I am so very blessed that both my parents and my future parent in laws are so supportive, and very helpful in so many ways. But more on wedding plans in another post.

This post is dedicated to the wonderful gifts I received from my loved ones. They all know me so well, and know my great love for African inspired food, and all the wonderful ways of South African cooking. And along with this, my great love for books.
My wonderful fiancé gave me Justin Bonello, Cooked in Africa, it’s his older book, but the first one of his books I own, and the first of many which shall be in my collection of cook books.

Reading through it, two recipes jumped out at me immediately, firstly the recipe for Springbok Neck Potjie. WOW! Had me drooling all over the pages, I can just imagine this potjie going down in my house, all the wonderful friends and family around to enjoy and share it…it’s perfect for sharing with loved ones.

The other one, which is very unlike something I would normally cook up, is the breakfast bomb. Not being a huge fan of eggs for breakfast, I tend to lean away from these kind of recipes, however, this one grabbed my attention. Also something I shall be trying in the near future!

My parents in law gave me this book, such a great inspiration. 365 things every Woman should know. Every day I read one…today – The development and maintenance of our inner world should be our highest priority.

My parents gave me Kukumakranka – Khoi Khoin Culture, Customs and Creative Cooking. They understand my love for the African culture and their food ways. There are so many interesting facts in this book, from the music and dance, to the kitchen utensils used, to the kitchens built, it is really hard to choose what is my favourite part of this book.

The edible plants kept me intrigued, just the vast knowledge of what you can eat and what you can’t in the bush, and this recipe jumped out at me…goats cheese being a all time favourite in my books. A vegetarian dish made up of goats cheese, raw duiker root, boiled flowerbuds of Khoi-veldkoo, shredded slymstok stalks and wild leeks. Wow….mouth watering!

I was spoilt rotten this Christmas, along with all my lovely books, I was spoilt with flowers, and wine, and stunning wine glasses, and a beautiful photo frame full of lovely memories of our first year together, and the most important gift of all, the opportunity to spend time with Justin, my parents and my parent in laws, all the most special people in my life.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Books….what more could I ask for

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