Wedding build up and shoes…

It has been a crazy 2 days, also very overwhelming two days, kind of hard to imagine that April 2011 we got engaged, and now we sit 4 days away from our wedding. I am so very excited, and have been busy with many things…lets see where to start…

Started by picking up my maid of honor from the airport, followed by a day in PE, shopping and doing my final show fitting. I had my shoes designed for me, I couldn’t find what I really wanted, so I went to see Monique at LeQin Designs in PE, and she was so super sweet, and very helpful. After seeing her in November, I have not had a chance to see her again, so she designed without me going in and out, and I am absolutely in love with my shoes! I will get better photos on the wedding day.

Today, Justin and I went for our pre shoot, Heather Stevens, our photographer is absolutely amazing, I love her dearly, she is one of the regular photographers that is used for weddings at work, so meeting her once or twice, I knew exactly who I wanted to be part of my wedding day.

My wonderful friend, and maid of honor, Tiffany, managed to really surprise me with a great Hens Night, which was great fun, didn’t get crazy, but a great time was definitely had by all. Along with that, I made my lavender infused honey…slight spillage, but that was a silly mistake as I was not controlling my heat properly, what a clean up!!!

Justin took me for a pre birthday lunch today at a little place called Sacramento Restaurant, in Schoenmakerskop, PE A great little spot, the food was decent, just the wait was long and the staff very unfriendly, but being right by beach, and enjoying the holiday vibe was great!

Justin had a Surf & Turf

I had an Italian Salad

and deep fried Camembert with tortilla chips

And of course, between wedding planning, family, friends and other exciting things, I have managed to get around to doing both my starter and dessert for the Ready Set Cook Challenge that was set out by Tandy. So its been rather busy. But having a great time!

I do look forward to the relaxation while on honeymoon next week, this will probably be the last blog until after the wedding!


5 thoughts on “Wedding build up and shoes…

  1. Congrats and enjoy your special day. It will fly by so do remember to stop and saviour the moment. I wish you both all the happiness in the world and have a great honeymoon. Looking forward to the pictures

  2. Wedding time!!! So awesome…I LOVE your shoes, can’t wait to see wedding photos! Wishing you everything of the best on your special day. Huge HUGS, hun xxxxxx

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