life slowly returning to normal…as a Mrs now…

What a beautiful view to come home to…

When we got engaged in April 2011, I said that there is no ways I will be one of those stressed brides…and I was very successful until the Thursday before the wedding…but I am told that that is normally the day that the freak out happen, well it happened to me. We are very blessed to have wonderful friends and most importantly the most amazing family whom support and love us, and who can now find the humour in it all.

The wedding…was everything and more we could ever ask for. I felt like a princess and most importantly, we both felt so loved, not just love from our family and friends, but our love for each other. We were blessed to be able to share that love with everyone who attended.

I get our photos on Friday, so I will do a nice post over the weekend regarding the wedding and share some lovely photos, this post…I want to share some honeymoon moments.
I didn’t know where we were going for the honeymoon, it was kept a surprise, and I only found out where we were once we had driven for 8 hours and had taken then final turn off. Justin surprised me by taking me to Umngazi River Bungalows. What a magical place…we spent 3 days doing nothing but eating, relaxing, enjoying the sun and just being with each other…perfect.

The food was way too much, breakfasts were continental spreads and of course a few hot dishes, the best was a breakfast cruise we did, where we went up the river and had breakfast under the trees.

Lunches were spreads of salads, pates, breads, pasta or wraps with so many options of fillings, sitting on the deck over looking the pool, having lunch and drinking wine and relaxing.

Dinners were 6 courses, every night it was different, beautiful dinning room, filled with wonderful aromas from the kitchen. The one evening, we opted to have the private dinner in the wine cellar.
Of course we had to enjoy this occasion with my favourite wine…I love the 2009, bit the 2011 is just as wonderful. The meal was greatly complimented by this bottle of wine.

We started with salads, a Greek salad and a spinach & haloumi salad, with freshly baked breads and a whole grain mustard butter and herbed butter.

Followed by pan fried calamari, with a sweet chilli sauce. So tender, it was buttery, I loved it.

The main course was a seafood platter, which we could not finish, I am not a huge fan of prawns and often Justin ends up eating them all, but these were done to perfection, unfortunately the calamari was crumbed with breadcrumbs so I didn’t enjoy that too much, but what a wonderful meal.

Dessert is always the last thing I think about, I had the lemon meringue and Justin had the chocolate brownie, neither were great, not a great end to the meal, but the rest of the meal was wonderful, and eliminated the dessert part for us.

We enjoyed ourselves with back massages, and spa baths, overlooking the Indian Ocean, and wow, what a view to sip bubbly while enjoying the view.

This was the first 3 days….I will blog the rest of the honeymoon tomorrow…


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