our honeymoon continues…

Driving back in the direction of home, I decided I had to have a braai mealie. There were these ladies standing along the side of the road, with little fires, braaing mealies, which just blew my mind…street food at ts best. Justin was very skeptical, and decided not to enjoy a road side braai mealie, I did and let me tell you, it was wonderful!!!!

Continuing on our honeymoon, we spent a night in a place called Cintsa, we stayed in a little backpackers which showed me a side of my wonderful husband that I never knew.

I have had the pleasure of backpacking before, it’s how I managed to travel 30 states while I was in the USA, was the cheapest option, and those who have backpacked before know, not always the most hygienic or private. I shared dorm rooms with 15 other people, from all over the world, this time, we did a private room, which claimed to be “en suit”. Well, let me tell you…the view was nice.

We were treated to a “Mexican Feast” which consisted of tortilla wraps, mince out of a pot, crushed kidney beans, guacamole, ice berg lettuce and a coleslaw…or something to the likes of coleslaw. It was tasteless, but I know to many of the people there, it was a feast compared to their diet of 2 minute noodles and brown bread. For us…it filled us so we could go sleep! My lovely husband had a sensory over load, just watching these people and the interaction of all these travellers. But…having said all that….the view was beautiful!

Our last day of honeymoon was spent at Shamwari Game Reserve, which was wonderful, again, the food was exquisite, the service was wonderful, and we had the most wonderful ranger who took us on the game drives. We saw so many animals, and the sunset was wonderful.

One of the highlights of the trip was a starter I had at Shamwari. Ostrich carpaccio on a bed of rocket, roasted onions, green fig, parmesan drizzled with olive oil. It was amazing! So simple, yet wonderful.

Coming home was very sad, I loved spending a week with my husband, away, just the two of us, starting our married life with nothing but unconditional love and happiness together.


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