Our wedding menu

wow, I can not believe that its been 2 weeks already since our magical day. Time is flying this year.
I did a lot of soul searching for this menu, as a wedding venue, most of the food is buffet style, however, I do not favour buffet type meals, but had to decide what would be best, for the guest for the logistics of the wedding. My biggest concern was would the food be appreciated. Finally, after some debating with myself, I decided on this menu for the wedding, and wow, not only was the food appreciated, but the compliments were flying left right and centre.

So a great big thank you to my head chef and the wonderful team in the kitchen for the amount of love and time that went into the food. I did not do any of the cooking, my bridesmaids made sure I stayed out of the kitchen!

Mezze platters / Starters

Toasted rustic breads with the following toppings
Haggis, Garlic, beetroot and goats cheese, duck ham and cammembert
Rice paper spring rolls, filled with Asian style sweet chili veg
Assorted rustic home made bread /Farm butter / chicken liver pate / sundried tomato hummus / Gooseberry Jam / Olives / Peppadews / Whole Jalapenos


On the Tables
Garden Salad – mixed greens & herbs, grilled peaches, eadible flowers and candied pecans

Springbok Shanks, served with a port & rosemary jus, served on a bed of fluffy garlic mash

Vegetable inspired pasta, with season veg and marinara sauce, topped with Danish feta


1 tier mille feuille cake,

Station – Mille Feuille selection filled with fruits and chocolates, mini lemon merguine

And of course, we had so much fun on the golf course with photos, we had the most amazing photographer! Heather Stevens, recommend her to anyone in the PE area or Eastern Cape area as a matter of fact.


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