Books, and the great value they hold in ones life…

I have always loved books, and have a small collection which is currently growing. I find books to be the most amazing gift, and value every single one of the books in my collection.

Most of my books are all boxed up from when I went overseas, and then moved to St Francis Bay, however I always have my cooking books with me.

8 years ago I was given my grandmother’s recipe book. My gran had a sight problem and couldn’t see anymore, she would often use a type of magnifying glass to see things, however, the recipe book had become impossible to read. This book was passed down to me as my mom doesn’t cook, so I have it in my possession. It has been among my growing collection of recipe books, and will always be a valuable part of my book collection.

I have dreams of one day, when we have our own house, to have a whole room just dedicated to books, I absolutely love being surrounded by books. The 3 years I spent in the USA, I lived in a town called Highland Park, just outside Chicago, and there was this wonderful library, which I use to spend a great deal of my time. I could sit for the longest time just paging through books, I think I get some of my greatest inspiration in books, not just when it comes to cooking, but life inspiration.

I recently purchased a Gobii e-reader, so my fiction book collection is now sitting on my Gobii, however, my most recent cookbook I acquired is Cooking With Jenny Morris.

Jenny is such a beautiful person, and I love how she makes being a chef fun. The love for food is what is most important and comes through right throughout the book, not the “image” of a chef where life is hectic and all you do is scream and shout in the kitchen, she is living the passion, and everyday falling in love with food. Thank you for being such a great inspiration Jenny!! Hopefully I will see you again at the Food &Wine Blogger Indaba 2012!!


4 thoughts on “Books, and the great value they hold in ones life…

  1. I also dream one day of owning a home with a huge big library of books and LOTS of cook books. Ereader and books on the Ipad are great but there is nothing like the feel of a book in your hand and food stains on the good recipes in your cookbooks.

    1. Its so true, I have one or two cookbooks on my ereader, but its just not the same. I need to have books to page through, and be able to hold! Just the smell of books makes me happy!

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