Jodi Picoult’s latest offering, Lone Wolf, a must read

I was first introduced to Jodi Picoult books when I went on a trip to Washington DC and I desperately needed something to read on the plane, so I grabbed the first book available to me off the bookshelf at home, which was My Sisters Keeper. I never really started reading until after the trip as it was just to fun filled, but once I opened the book and read the first page, I was hooked!

When I heard the news that Jodi Picoult was launching a new book in February 2012, Lone Wolf, I was super duper excited. I really enjoy her work, for one reason alone…the emotions. I find with her books that you become each character, you have strong feelings for each character, whether it positive or negative feelings, you feel!

I so often read a book and don’t really connect with the characters and you kind of feel like you just reading the book, going through the emotions.

Lone Wolf, Picoult’s latest books got me from the start. It tells a story of Luke, who not only researches wolves, but integrated his life into a wolf pack for 2 years by living with them a pack, his daughter, 17 year old Cara who lives with him, his son Edward who left when he was 18 due to an argument with his father, and Georgie, his ex wife. Their stories entwine when Cara and Luke are in a car accident, and Edward needs to make the decision of whether or not to keep his father on life support or to take him off, and donate his organs.

The story unfolds very quickly, when Edward makes the decision to remove his father from life support, yet Cara believes their father has a chance to come out of his vegetative state, their fight with each other involves Joe, Cara’s new stepdad (Georgies Husband) who defends Edward, in the legal battle of who has the right to make the decision. Edward, who has not seen his father in 6 years, or Cara who is only 3 months away from being legally allowed to make this decision, yet who has lived with Luke and organized their daily lives together.

The story come out of how the car crash really happened, and why Edward really left in the first place, and the uniting of two siblings who were once very close, who now go to court to fight over whether to “kill” their father or not. To throw the mix out a little, a guardian of the state is called in to give a recommendation as to who she thinks is best suited for the decision.

From the get go, I disliked Cara simply because she is a typical teenager who thinks she knows it all, her lies and deceit is apparent from the get go, Edward kind of grew on me, as the story goes deeper, you realize he is just following his fathers last wish, but the best part of the book for me is Luke, and his story through all of this. He reveals his life, living with the wolves, a lot of research he has put into wolves. From the get go I knew the outcome for Luke, so that was no surprise, however the interaction of the two siblings captivated me and every now and then I thought one way and the story went another way.

I don’t want to give away too much of the story for those who want to read the book still, all I can say, this is definitely one of my top 5 Jodi Picoult books.
In no particular order, other recommendations of her books are My Sisters Keeper – the movie does NOT do it justice, Plain Truth – again, the movie does no justice to this book, Sing You Home, Harvesting the Heart and Nineteen Minutes.


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