Pinks Quiz #71

Been a while since I have taken part. So Pink’s, here we go…

1. What does “to butterfly” means in culinary term?
This is so easy, yet such a hard thing to explain without demonstrating. Basically means to “spread open with a knife”. So you cut for example, a piece of meat, open to an extent where it becomes thinner. This technique is done mainly when you want to roll the meat, or you want to cook it to a medium – medium well stage, it quickens the process. I am going to actually look up and see what my books have to say about this subject.

2. What are traditional peperonata’s main ingredients?
Bell peppers and onions

3. What is a whoopie pie?
These are awesome! I use to eat these in the USA a lot! It’s basically two pieces of cake that is sandwiched together with frosting in the middle, it’s the same shape as a rather large oero cookie.

4. Mission, Manzanillo, Sevillano and Ascolano are varieties of which fruit?
These are all varieties of olives

5. What are traditional financier’s main ingredients and why are they called financiers?
Almonds? The name means dainty I think, it comes from the French. It’s got to do with the chef who invented these goodies had a shop situated close to the stock exchange.

6. Where does lemongrass originate from?
Southeast Asia

7. Where did Swiss rolls originate from and what are the main ingredients of a Swiss roll?
Eish…good question. I would imagine from the name, it would have originated in Central Europe somewhere. Jam being one of the main features of a Swiss roll, and of course the flour, sugar and eggs.

8. How many “eyes” does a coconut have?
What? Ok…you have me stumped. I wouldn’t know, I didn’t even know coconuts have “eyes”

9. What is “crimini” more commonly known as?
These are your common button mushrooms, or otherwise know as white mushrooms

10. What is the cooking method that combines stewing, steaming and roasting called?


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