Favorite flavor combinations & home made pizza

I think one of my all time favourite foods to create at home is a good home made pizza, and I know I have blogged about this before, but I think another home made pizza blog is definitely in order.

For the wedding, my lovely friends Liza & Gerrie gave a great present, a pizza board and cutter.  And let me tell you, this has made a few appearances at dinner time.  I think its just such a great way to not only whip up a quick pizza for us, but also for when entertaining!

These pizzas were kind of “what I have in my friend” type of pizzas.  Today on in the world of Twitter, the question was raised…what is your favourite flavour combinations, and it’s such a great question. These pizzas has so many great combinations…

Bacon, feta, mushrooms and spinach
Green fig, camembert & bacon
BBQ chicken, feta , peppadews & roasted peppers

Now the best part of pizza, and again the reason why I love it so much, is just the versatility of it, you can create so many different flavours, there is no right and wrong when it comes to pizza, from the toppings, to the sauce to the dough.

Why not add some excitement t your dough, maybe a little beer dough, or if you like to spice things up some garlic and red chilli flakes.  Another something and something I like is to add extra cheese to the dough, always brings that “double cheese” flavour though.

So now the question that @lusciousCT raised, what is your favourite flavour combination



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