Sherry Baked Camembert

The lovely camembert that we got at the Indaba was very well received.  I do love cheese, and often make a meal of it, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Along with the camembert, while going to the different wine estates, I picked up a few preserves and little odds and ends.  My fridge is full of jams, preserves, antipasti type goodies, I love to eat mezze style and enjoy to snack on small things.

So what I did with my Camembert.

Turned my oven on to its highest heat, and let preheat.  I cut thin slices of bread to make malba toast and grilled it under my grill.  Removed and set aside.
Taking a melon baller, I scooped out the middle of the camembert and filled the whole with sherry., baked for 7 – 9 minutes, you want it just at the point where it becomes gooey but ca still hold its shape a little when you cut it. The sherry adds a lovely aroma and a slight sweetness to the camembert.


By the flower on my cheese board, I have a Pinotage relish which I bought at Constantia Uitsig where we had breakfast one morning.  Made from grapes and onions, it has this beautiful sweetness about it that goes so well with the camembert.

I had rosemary & olive oil marinated olives, feta and sundried tomatoes which I found at Fairview, which added a little bitterness to board which was a lovely balance with the sweetness of the green fig and the Pinotage relish.

With that I had marinated peppers, which I have to be honest, I didn’t enjoy as much as I thought I would.

I love this style of eating, little bits and pieces, all these flavours going on, and the balance you can create with the different flavours.



8 thoughts on “Sherry Baked Camembert

  1. Oooooh YUM!! We also baked our camembert….I love it baked until it resembles a fondue hehe….I add olive oil, white wine and thyme….so delish. I will get around to blogging it soon…which pickled peppers did you get Ange? I love pickled peppers…maybe they just didn’t taste good with the other stuff on the board? I also would think they should though….thank you so much for sharing and for the mention xxx

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