Pinks Quiz #77

I have to be honest; I have not been on the blogs in a really long time. Between work being hectic, my father in hospital and trying to build on new recipes but not feeling really inspired, I have been kept away from reading the on goings, and more importantly posting on my own blog. My beautiful friend over at PinkPolkadot sends out these quiz’s, I love taking part, gets your mind up and thinking a little, even though so much should be common knowledge to me as a chef, often I have to really sit back and think hard. So why not run on over to Pinks blog and do the quiz, you might just learn something new!

1. What is the main ingredient of a farinata? the name means “made with flour” but specifically
chickpea flour

2. What is a burrata?
It’s an Italian cheese made from mozzarella & cream

3. What is traditionally the main ingredient of a croquette?
Shoo, I had made my fair share of these, mashed potatoes are the main ingredient

4. If I talk about Nemagold, Hernandez, Travis or White delight, what am I talking about?
These are all varieties of sweet potatoes, well I know the Travis & White Delight are, so I am hoping the other 2 fall into the same category

5. What is the difference between a taquito and a flauta?
The Taquito is the Spanish name and Flauta is the Mexican name for a tortilla filled with beef or chicken or the likes, but it all boils down to being the same things really

6. What are the three main ingredients of the Greek soup, called Kotopoulo avgolemono?
I know it as chicken soup with a weird egg lemon sauce

7. What is the difference between a broad bean and a fava bean?
 Fava beans always reminds me of Hannibal Lecture (he he he), they the same bean, just different names used for it

8. What is Strozzapreti also known as?
 This is that funny pasta (yes that’s the official chef term I will use), otherwise known as the priests strangler, derived from how the priests ate it too quickly because it is so nice, and chocked on it

9. What does oregano means?
I have no idea what oregano means, however I do know it’s a herb which is part of the mint family, used in cooking but also great for skin and respiratory problems.

10. What is rillettes?
 It’s a type of pate, in traditionally pork is used, cooked with fat until really tender and soft, and can easily shred. Used as a spread. Now days any meat is used but the method is pretty much the same, also commonly known as “rough / chunky pate”


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