Healthy Dinner…Ostrich Sausage with roasted Baby Potatoes and Vegetables

One of the first healthy diabetic recipes is so easy, so easy that I feel guilty even blogging it as a recipe, so instead, I shall just make it a healthy meal post. This will take an hour and a half, with so little mess & fuss, and the best part is it can be a dinner, a lunch, or even better make enough for dinner the one night and lunch the next day.  Eating healthy shouldn’t be a hassle!

When you are eating healthy, there are a few basic principles you should follow, the story of too much of a good thing in indeed true, and can be bad for you.  So let’s look at a few basic ideas of eating healthy!

Let’s start off with the biggest mistake we make, and I am just as guilty of this one.  Eating breakfast!
You need to start your day off with your body filled with nutrients to give you energy and all round put you in a great mood.

Eat 6 small portions a day, instead of 2 huge portions because we are hungry.  Which is the next point…

Portion control.  The rough idea behind a portion is +- 100g animal protein & 1 cup vegetables, 1 starch portion per meal (for a female – males should eat double the portions). You need to include 1 teaspoon fats /oils – this is much more involved and you should improve your knowledge by researching further.

Which brings on the next point…balance.  You need to balance the nutrients in your body to enable your body to function properly, to boost energy, to improve your mental capability.

But having said that…just eating right is not enough, make sure you get your exercise in, just eating right might allow for weight loss, however, the moment you have a cheat moment, which let’s face it, happens a fair amount, you will gain weight at a rapid pace.

Make meals tastier by using fresh herbs and spices.

Please note that I am not a dietician, so for a proper balanced eating plan, I encourage you to make an appointment, I can only give suggestions and guidelines.

So today’s healthy meal – Ostrich Sausage with baby potatoes & vegetables

Lets break it down slightly.  Ostrich is very healthy, venison is always a healthier option as it is much more lean than red meats and poultry.  Ostrich has 40% less fat than red meat, low in cholesterol, but yet still rich in iron and protein.  100g’s of ostrich has only 387kj, and often you will hear it referred to as the “healthy red meat”

Baby potatoes – these are low GI. Low glycemic index carbohydrate choices will help you lose body fat easier.  Apart from being good for you, in my opinion they are so much tastier than your normal large potatoes.

Vegetable…I used what I could find in my fridge and freezer, feel free to just mix and match! Use what you have laying around, or your local supermarket has already packed stir fry, or other vegetables, which is great and consists of an arrangement of vegetables which makes eating them not a boring saga.  But feel free to use whatever you really enjoy.

Serves 4

1 packet ostrich sausage (+- 500g)
400g baby potatoes
500g Vegetables of choice
Himalayan Salt (diabetic choice food)
Cook n Spray (diabetic choice food)
Mixed fresh herbs of choice
Herb & Pesto Spice Mix (optional)
Balsamic vinegar

Preheat oven to 200°C

Spay a baking tray with cook n spray.  Cut the baby potatoes in half, place in baking tray, spray with cook n spray again, season & mix in herbs.

Place in oven for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, remove from oven and place the ostrich sausage ontop of the potatoes, place back into oven for another 20 minutes.

Heat a pan, add stir fry vegetables and dry fry, add balsamic vinegar, mixed herbs.

Remove sausage & potatoes from oven, the juices from the sausage will flavour the potatoes, you will have a mixture of crispy roast potatoes and really soft potatoes, the different textures will round this dish off perfectly


Make healthy choices, know your foods and what your body likes and doesn’t like.  Don’t eat just for the sake of eating, enjoy eating!


2 thoughts on “Healthy Dinner…Ostrich Sausage with roasted Baby Potatoes and Vegetables

  1. You are so right my darling – it’s really all about balance and I totally agree that using fresh herbs is a great way to add flavour with no fat! Awesome sage advice! xxx have a great day xxx

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