Secret Santa and the joy of giving

Secret Santa is such a great game…I love how buying something for someone else is always such a  challenge, then throw in the obstacle of not knowing the person at all, and you are just completely baffled.

This year, in a quick conversation with Tandy, I asked about doing Secret Santa, the sad reality is that some people take part but don’t play the game right.  They are happy to receive gifts but never send gifts, this is not on.  Hence why Tandy was a little skeptical about doing it again…however, after short notice, it was all put together.

The best part about the whole Secret Santa things for me, the fact that I found new blogs that I would not normally have discovered!  I had to buy for a blogger who I didn’t even know existed, so an even bigger challenge, but having said that, I did get the opportunity to explore a lovely blog and get to know a new fellow blogger.

My gift I received was lovely.  Sometimes it blows my mind how us food people think…I had just posted off my gift when I received my Secret Santa and low and behold, we both had a spice mix in our little care package!

Other little things I received in my parcel…

secerte santa

So I want to say a very big thank you to my Secret Santa, your parcel was lovely and will definitely be used well in my kitchen!


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