Friday Food Quiz Number 79

I am so glad Pink’s Quiz is back!  Thank you for taking the time to put this together for us!

What is palmiers also known as?
Palm tree or elephant ears, someone once referred to them as “glasses” as well, don’t know how accurate that is – it’s a type of pastry and gets its name from the shape it is made into. 

Where will you most traditionally be served “Soji”?
In Durban, it’s a common Durban Indian dessert

What is a ragout?
A meat stew

What is a Monte Bianco?
An Italian dessert of pureed chestnuts which is topped with whipped cream – resembling the “White Mountains”

What is orzata?
From my knowledge it’s Italian, it’s a type of stock syrup that is made with rosewater, sugar and almonds. I would assume this is used as a base for cocktails, or desserts.

What are the main ingredients of a meuniére sauce?
Butter, parsley and lemon – this is for the sauce, however there is a meuniére preparation method whereby you coat fish in flour first and sauté it in a pan.

What is an Heirloom seed?
Pollinated seeds that are handed down from generation to generation

What is the main ingredient of beignets de banane?
Beignets would be the main focus, these are deep fried donughts, banana being bananas, so I am assuming a banana puree being one of the main ingredients, and to make beignets which is just a deep fried choux pastry – flour, butter, yeast, milk, oil

What is the main ingredient of falafels?
Having made these many a time, as well as eaten many a time, this is a easy one.  Chickpeas.  I love a good falafel burger with pickled beetroot & tzatziki!

 What does “pickling” means in culinary terms?
Preserving method using acid brine solution like vinegar.


8 thoughts on “Friday Food Quiz Number 79

  1. Your answers were 100% correct!! You are so knowledgeable about food! (I get my questions form other blogs, food mags, etc!) Once again, tnaks for participating!

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