Friday Food Quiz number 80

Pink’s has done another Quiz for us! Sorry, today is a little rushed so I had to do this quickly, I still need to do a few things for Easter Lunch.

What does pomegranate mean?
It has something to do with the colour, but I am not 100% sure of the meaning.

Where is Torta Pasqualina traditionally served on Easter Friday?

Where is Mazurek cake traditionally served over Easter?
Poland, I had a Polish friend in the USA who would tell me all about this cake, sharing her traditions and such with me

What are the main ingredients of mayiritsa, a Greek Easter soup?
Lamb Offval

What is the main ingredient of a Pilaf?

What are quenellas?
What we know them as is basically a food item made into an oval or egg shape, but also known as a creamed meat, which is mixed with breadcrumbs, with a light egg binding which is poached.

What is traditionally served on top of “steak tartare”?
Raw Egg

What is the difference between a bouchée and a vol-au-vent?
There is a very fine line difference between the two.  Vol au vent is a small pastry case with a hole in to fill with sweet or savoury fillings, while a bouchée is a small pastry casing use to fill with savoury fillings.  The one is French and the other is Swiss if I am not mistaken.

When is Babka traditionally served?
It’s again a Polish thing, it is served for Easter Sunday

What is “kokkina avga”?
Red dyed eggs that represents the blood of Christ.

Happy Easter Everybody!



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