I Dream in Rainbow

I dream in rainbow is my new personal slogan.

What brought this on you ask? A few things…I will get to that in a bit. I have a few things running amuck in my head right now, I can only somewhat promise that I will make sense.

Firstly, this is NOT a food post…sorry I am not sharing a recipe today, although, now that I think about it, that Pad Thai I made last night was delicious, I could share maybe some of the recipe, just to make it a legit food post? NO…focus Ang…This is all about dreaming in rainbow.

Secondly, I have decided that rocking the boyfriend blazer does not make me look like the type of woman who eats her young, it’s sassy and  daring…I will have to speak with my fashionista friend, Leely, to discuss the finer details of tweaking said outfit which is currently being shared with the whole of St Francis Bay and a certain portion of Jeffery’s Bay.


The original thought pattern behind this post – The Color Run.  I just fell in love with this idea and am now currently working hard to take part in the Port Elizabeth Color Run in September, this year.  I am an achiever, I go for what I want and I always excel, however I am not competitive, which often leads to me not taking part in ‘peeing contests’ so for me, this Color Run is perfect – known as the “Happiest 5k on the Planet”, this event is dedicated to celebrating a healthy lifestyle, happiness and individuality, and most importantly, giving.  Each city has a selected charity which all proceeds are awarded to.

color run banner

I dived head first in doing some research, trying to consume as much knowledge about training for a 5k run.  I always just ran, jogged and went with what I felt like, I never had a set routine or goal, I run because I enjoy it.

And the planning began. Let’s face it, what is the most important part of your run…MUSIC.  I wanted some upbeat, new tunes that would rock my run!

Now my OCD kicks in, yes, I know you all going “Eish Poor Husband of Ang”  I don’t like running with my phone – again I hear you going “WHAT you actually do spend time away from social media & out of contact with the world” – I do – I needed to fix this dilemma before any training of any sort would commence.

Short of whipping out my Über N3rd Skillz and creating my own C25K program, I found downloadable podcasts to get me started on my new mission.

Now I have nothing holding me back, I am equipped – the world is my oyster, as the saying goes and I dream in rainbow.


color run


One thought on “I Dream in Rainbow

  1. I was determined to make it to the Color Me Rad 5K , so I laced up my sneakers and made it through feeling not just good, but strong and happy and oddly connected to the 7,000 people running along with me. It was beautiful! The Southside was a stunning mosaic of galloping bodies and candy-colored clouds.

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