Rose Liqueur Gumdrops

I love the playful nature of gumdrops.  These little balls of jelly bring innocent smiles and giggles to mind.  Taking me back to when we were kids and how much pleasure we would derive from jelly coated in sugar.

Back to a time when boys teased and chased girls around the playground, pulling on braids while girls made kissy kissy noises.  Back to a time when competitions included egg & spoon races and wheelbarrow races and laughter uncontrollably exploded from little bellies.

One of my most treasured childhood memories was the first boy who crushed on me.  I use to tease him, calling him Travis Too-naughty.  On a daily occurrence, he would run to my mom after playschool let out, affectionately using my childhood nickname, beg my mom ‘”to make Lika marry me”.

Rose Liqueur Gumdrops

Rose Liqueur Gumdrops

250ml cold water
20g gelatine powder
180ml water
2 cups white sugar
180ml rose liqueur
sugar for coating

Mix the gelatine and 250ml cold water together.  Set aside.

Over a medium head, add the 2 cups of sugar and 180ml water, stir until all the sugar is dissolved. Remove from the heat and all the liqueur, followed by the gelatine mix.

Pour into molds, I used ice-cube trays, place in fridge overnight to set.  You need to leave them to set for at least 24 hours.

Using a pallet knife, remove the jelly and coat in sugar.

This months I Made It Challenge was set my Tami over at Rumtumtiggs

i made it challenge



5 thoughts on “Rose Liqueur Gumdrops

  1. what foods reminds you of ur childhood? Oatmeal with sugar and milk, Champorado (its a chocolate soup with sticky rice), Flounder and Hard tail Mackerel- kinda sad too reminds me of the days wherein you could eat anything and not think of it or feel guilty about it.

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