Karoo Potjie served with Sadza

Food culture fascinates me. My father, who plays a large role in my food knowledge and inspiration, grew up in Zimbabwe, he influenced me with many African inspired dishes, thus creating my love for African cuisine. The Potjie being as South African as can be, was right on top of my list of dishes I wanted to showcase on Freshly Blogged, I was just waiting for the right ingredients.

The combination of ingredients for this challenge had me in a state of nostalgia about the time spent working in a Karoo kitchen.  There is just something magical about the Karoo that is so difficult to explain, you have to experience it for yourself, a place of relaxation, replenishment and inner peace.

Karoo Potjie served with Sadza
serves 4

Karoo Potjie with Sadza - proof on coals1 ½ cups Drostdy-Hof Pinotage
500g Ostrich Sausage
2 ½ cups Mealie Meal
1 punnet green beans
½ cup PnP Chutney – Original
250g PnP Dried Fruit
2 tsp Five spice
1 tsp BBQ spice
1 packet PnP Baby Carrots
1 large onion, roughly chopped
1 sweet potato, cut into chunks
1 tbsp butter
500ml water
1 tbsp flour mixed with 1 tbsp oil
Black Pepper

Remove stones from the prunes.  Place all the dried fruit in a bowl and cover with 1 cup of red wine.  Set aside for about an hour.

Light a fire, you want to cook over medium coals

Cut the ostrich sausage into 4cm long pieces – set aside.
Cut the green beans into 3 – set aside.
Mix the chutney, left over wine, five spice, BBQ spice and salt and pepper together – set aside.

Once the coals are ready, move the coals aside, place the potjie pot in the middle, you do not want direct heat from under, creating a slow cooking process.

Using the butter, fry the onions until translucent. Now layer the sausage and vegetables alternatively, add the soaked dried fruit on top, including the liquid.
Pour the chutney mixture over.
Cover with potjie lid and leave for an hour and a half.

Over high heat, bring the 500ml water to a boil, salt the water; add the mealie meal, stirring continuously.  Drop the heat to a low heat and let cook for 20 – 25 minutes. Using a fork, mix the mealie meal sporadically.

Once the potjie is about to come off, use a soup ladel, dish out some of the sauce.  Mix with the flour & oil mixture and gently stir back into the potjie, letting the flour cook out for a few minutes. Be careful not to break up the vegetables and sausage, but thickening the sauce slightly.

Remove and serve.

Karoo Potjie with Sadza If you like this recipe and wish to vote, please follow this link – PnP Freshly Blogged.


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