Lahanodolmades with a Spicy Green Bean Slaw

Challenge number 4 is up already.  Wow it has been a very creative journey with Freshly Blogged so far.  Week 4 was a real doozy.

I love Mezze style feasting. These small plates of tasty morsels and dips originated from the concept of ‘taste, flavour, snack, relish’.  With the cold wet weather we have been experiencing, I have been daydreaming of summer fun, sun kissed skin, crisp white wine, summery style mezzes being shared with loved ones and much laughter.  This was my inspiration for this dish.

1 can Lucky Star Pichards in Tomato Sauce
1 cup PnP Brown Rice
250g PnP plain feta
1 medium cabbage
¼ cup freshly chopped parsley
1 1/2 tsp paprika
1 pkt Green beans
1 large red pepper
375ml water
ground black pepper
2 eggs
75ml oil
100ml olive oil
1 tsp lemon pepper
½ tsp cayenne pepper
salt to liking

Spicy Mayonnaise
Place the eggs and cayenne pepper into a jug blender.  Mix the two oils into a pouring jug. On a medium to high setting, slowly drizzle the oil into the eggs.  Do not do this to fast otherwise you will not get the oil incorporated into the egg properly.  The mixture will become think.  Season with salt and lemon pepper.

Cook the rice in rapidly boiling salted water.  Set aside to cool
Bring a pot of water to the boil.
Remove 10 cabbage leaves and blanch in the boiling water.  Set aside to cool. (keep water)
Dice half the red pepper.
Cut the pilchard fillets in half lengthways and remove the little bone. Chop up the pilchards roughly, add to a bowl with the rice, feta and red peppers.  Add the parsley and paprika. Season to taste. Add a tablespoon of the sauce from the pilchards to the mixture.
Lay the blanched cabbage leaves out on a flat surface, place a tablespoon of the rice mixture in the middle of the cabbage leaf.  Tuck the sides in and roll the cabbage leaf tightly.
Repeat until you have desired amount of dolmades.

Green Bean Slaw
Top and tail the green beans, blanch in the boiling water used to blanch the cabbage leaves., set aside to cool
Julienne the remainder of the red pepper.
Shred half of the remaining cabbage, add cooled green beans and red pepper.  Mix the spicy mayonnaise with the cabbage and green beans, seasoning to liking.

Lahanodolmades with a Spicy Green Bean Slaw

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This challenge was sponsored by Lucky Star.


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