I am Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Wow, last post was November 2013…so much has happened in the last, what…5 years. Good and bad, fun and sad, calm and mad…etc.

Let’s do a quick recap so we all back on the same page.

2014 – 2018 in a flash
I went on a weight lost journey, I lost 25kgs, in a happy healthy way [read slowly with eating right and exercise], followed by an amazing trip to Mauritius with my main squeeze, followed by a night of intoxication and frolicking which resulted in (planned) falling pregnant with twins – yes, you read that right…TWINS! To be exact, identical boys with the most beautiful blue eyes and blond hair – all mine!

So I want to stop there and just answer all the questions about the twins right here and right now:

YES, I knew I was having twins, no one jumped out of my vagina and screamed surprise
YES, natural – YES, planned – YES, I wanted twins – YES, it runs in the family (then deep into the explanation of identical vs fraternal. NO, I didn’t breast feed (not out of choice and none of your damn business) – YES, I cloth diapered both until just before their 2nd birthday – YES, they are identical BOYS – NO, I can’t tell them apart…

So twins arrived, we are living in Cape Town, I go back to work, I didn’t enjoy what I was doing and I went back into the hospitality industry. A wonderful opportunity arose in the KZN Midlands, moved here in December 2017 and I am still in hospitality, it’s in my blood. Seventeen years later I am still doing what I love even though now days my threats to leave the industry happen more often, but lets be honest, I was born for this industry and I love what I do. Lucky? No, not lucky, just very fortunate to have been able to dedicate myself to this industry with the understanding of my family.

So now that we caught up, lets go ahead and appreciate some of my views.


I am also going to change a lot going on on this blog, I feel it’s more than just food but also family and lifestyle. I look forward to chatting to ALL the new and old supporters.




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