A little bit about me

Time to update this, but also keep what is important.

I have such a great love for the culinary world; my fondest moments have been centered around food. My cooking style is very rustic; I love simple, natural, created with local fresh seasonal ingredients, which brings colour and happiness to others.  Watching someone really enjoying a meal which I have prepared brings joy to my life, knowing I have created that special moment, opened someone’s mind to new taste adventures and given them a memory that will last a lifetime.

I blog because I love to share my knowledge and experience of food, the knowledge I have gained over the years being in the industrial kitchen, and before.  Having travelled the USA, which truly is a melting pot, learning from the Italian Mama how to make the perfect Marinara sauce, or sitting down to a Friday evening Shabbat dinner in a Jewish Orthodox household, or a mid week dinner with a Mexican family, where I had helped roll the handmade Tamales and supper is a simple celebration.

My blog will include recipes I have experimented with, family recipes passed down and of course good old reliable favorite dishes, along with a few tit bits about life, social media, wine, art, decor, yoga and just about anything else that grabs my attention. and fits into my lifestyle, including the addition to my amazing identical twin boys.

Bringing in a little healthy lifestyle tips, a few diabetic recipes and here and there information about the world of Raw Eating, but not forgetting those guilty pleasures of enjoying food without limitation.

Married to my amazing golf pro and couldn’t be happier. Living in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa, KZN Midlands, and raise two super cute 2.5 year old twins.



4 thoughts on “A little bit about me

  1. Hi Angeliqueca, trying to send you a message or give you a call, but can’t find your details anywhere…will you please send me your number?
    Thanks, Mika (Crossways Country Kitchen)

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