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An unforgettable Paper Anniversary

Unbelievable that a year has gone by

Wow a year already? Just feels like yesterday

A whole year and you two are still so much in love

I heard these statements, and the like, rephrased in many different ways over and over by loved ones for the last week.  I just have to smile because I can believe it has been a year, a wonderful year of being married to my best friend…my soul mate…the first of many years ahead.

Our wedding was small and intimate, as intimate as 80 people can be, we focused on sharing our joy and happiness with the people closest and dearest to us. With one of the best wedding teams in the country, St Francis Links Golf Estate exceeding all our expectations.

angie roux wedding 21012012

angie roux wedding shoes 21012012

But you all know the story of our wedding…now for the story of our first anniversary.

Monday past, being our first wedding anniversary, represented by paper, I had in my mind that I should expect a gift voucher of sorts – maybe to the day spa or the bookstore…but I am blessed with a very romantic husband.

Sunday afternoon, Justin arrived home from work with 3 envelopes.  I at first took no notice of them as I was very concerned he had forgotten to pick up the odds and ends that were essential to my dinner preparation.  Picking the envelopes up to move out of my way while I frantically dug in the shopping bag, I noticed the one said “1st Anniversary” which obviously grabbed my short attention span away from the shopping packet.

angie roux anniversary part 1 21012013

There in my hand were 3 envelopes marked “1st Anniversary”. The first one, Part 1 was to be opened on Sunday.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love surprises, and even more so, I love the game that goes with a surprise.  Part one was bullet point instructions to pack essentials.  This got me even giddier as not only was it a surprise but it was a going away surprise. I was in my eliminate right there!

Part 2 of my envelopes were only to be opened when Justin told me to do so.  I was dying inside as I needed to know what the next part of the surprise was. But I had to wait…I didn’t do so very patiently, asking every 5kms if I could open the envelope. Eventually the go ahead was give, Part Two was instructions to please help the driver with directions, a map was fastened to the letter.

angie roux anniversary part 2 21012013

Arriving at our destination I was overcome with such love for this man.  He knows the internal workings of my mind so well, he understands how I love being isolated and in a natural environment, yet don’t do the camping / hiking or any general outdoors type activities.  He knows just the right spots.  Our anniversary destination was Misty Mountain Lodge in Tsitsikamma, situated between Plettenberg Bay and Jefferys Bay. The resort is based on a cliff and overlooks the ocean with the most picture perfect scenes.

The afternoon of just being together –  laughing and sharing, the joys of no phones…being surrounded by peace and calmness and simply enjoying each other’s company was the perfect way to spend our anniversary.  We explored what the venue had to offer, followed by a relaxing bubble bath, building up to the delicious dinner shared over drinks and much happiness.  The staff of Misty Mountains was amazing, very welcoming and so efficient.

angie roux misty mountain lodge 21012013

Part 3 was only allowed to be opened on Monday morning, the day of our anniversary.  Justin wrote me a love letter, filling my hearth with warmth and my eyes with tears.  I am so fortunate to have the unconditional love from this man.  Every day that goes by, I count my blessing.  Along with my love letter was an “IOU” for the next time we are in Port Elizabeth to go pick out jewellery…a romantic weekend away with my amazing husband and jewellery…sorry ladies, he is all mine!  Can a girl get any luckier?

angie roux anniversary part 3 21012013


Secret Santa and the joy of giving

Secret Santa is such a great game…I love how buying something for someone else is always such a  challenge, then throw in the obstacle of not knowing the person at all, and you are just completely baffled.

This year, in a quick conversation with Tandy, I asked about doing Secret Santa, the sad reality is that some people take part but don’t play the game right.  They are happy to receive gifts but never send gifts, this is not on.  Hence why Tandy was a little skeptical about doing it again…however, after short notice, it was all put together.

The best part about the whole Secret Santa things for me, the fact that I found new blogs that I would not normally have discovered!  I had to buy for a blogger who I didn’t even know existed, so an even bigger challenge, but having said that, I did get the opportunity to explore a lovely blog and get to know a new fellow blogger.

My gift I received was lovely.  Sometimes it blows my mind how us food people think…I had just posted off my gift when I received my Secret Santa and low and behold, we both had a spice mix in our little care package!

Other little things I received in my parcel…

secerte santa

So I want to say a very big thank you to my Secret Santa, your parcel was lovely and will definitely be used well in my kitchen!

Versatile Blog Award & a little blog love

What a crazy time it has been for me, so much so that I have not shared some blog love, but rather late than never is my motto!  Corina over at Searching for Spice nominated me for the versatile bloggers award.  Searching for Spice is definitely one of my stops when I am browsing looking for a little inspiration in my kitchen.  Thank you Corina for the award!

The rules of the award are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this Award and link them back.
2. Say some 5 random facts about you.
3. Spread the joy by nominating other bloggers.
4. Convey the news to your fellow bloggers about their nomination.

So now onto the 5 random facts about me…

  1.  I am super bubbly in the mornings, I love being awake early and getting a head start on my day
  2. I am married to a golf pro, and have been working in the golfing industry for the last 5 years, however, I can not play golf
  3. I am a total “live happily ever after” kind of girl, I love happy endings and love feel good movies which only encourages happy endings.
  4. If I were not a chef by profession, I would love to be an artist and just be creative all day
  5. I love to watching cartoons and reality TV, I really enjoy watching other people, especially when placed in unusual situation which brings out the real emotion

I nominate anyone who follows my blog, please feel free to give yourself this award and don’t forget to link back to me so I can go head on over to your blog, and share the blog love.

one or two nominations from my side:

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