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Chicken Stir Fry with a quick Sweet & Sour Sauce

I have a confession…I am a preserve addict.  When I walk into any shop that sells a “homemade” preserve, I have to purchase it.  I have things like Cherry & Guava Jelly, Pickled Habaneros, Pineapple Marmalade and something that is the star of this post…Pineapple & Gooseberry Jam.

So what do we do with jam…put it on toast?  I am a little bored with that idea…I use jams to make sauces.  One of these sauces is a quick sweet & sour sauce for my chicken stir fry.  It goes a little something like this…

Pineapple & Gooseberry Sweet & Sour Sauce
makes 4 portions

2 tbsp Pineapple & Gooseberry jam (you can substitute  this with Apricot jam)
½ cup spirit vinegar
1 tsp fresh ginger grated
¼ cup boiling water

Place all ingredients into a pot over medium heat.  Let cook out and the ginger will infuse beautifully.

With a stick blender, blitz up to a pourable consistency.  This can stay in the fridge, so  make a whole batch for later use.

With my sweet & sour sauce, I made a quick Stir Fry.

2 chicken Breasts (optional or substitute with Tofu)
400g stir fry of choice
2 pks Two minute noodles (toss out the spice that comes with it!) – cooked according to packet
2 tbsp fresh thyme, chopped
olive oil
3 tbsp sweet & sour sauce from above
fresh chilies, chopped (optional)

Heat a wok until scorching hot.  Fry off the chicken in a little olive oil, add vegetables, thyme and seasoning. Fry off for about 5 minutes, you want your vegetables to still be crunchy.  Add the sweet & sour sauce, ensure the chicken and vegetables are coated in sauce.  Add cooked noodles, toss and serve.

This dish can be served hot, or as a summery salad.



Great preserves for any Indian dish

My very first theme evening was Indian, and what a blast we had! I was looking through my menus, and remembers these great preserves you can use to accompany any indian dish.

Spicy Tomato Chutney

Carom seeds
Pinch asafetida (hing)
Garlic grated
Chilli powder

Peel & puree tomatoes
Fry carom seeds and asafetida
Add garlic
Add tomatoes, chili powder, sugar and salt
Simmer 20 mins

Green Chutney

Blend all together in blender

Sweet & Sour Raisin Chutney
Green chilies
Dry red chilies
Tamarind paste

Soak raisins in warm water half an hour
Drain, blend all ingredients together

Tomato, onions, green peppers, coriander & cucumberm chopped up and mixed together

Cucumber – halved, seeded and coarsely grated
Plain yougurt
Ground cumin
Cayenne pepper

Squeeze cucumber dry
Whisk yogurt, mint, cumin and cayenne pepper
Add cucumbers
Coat, refrigerate no less than 2 hours

Sorry, no photos, but let me say, it was great! Throw some coconut, bananas soaked in milk & coconut, and you have great “sides” for your curry whether it be spicy, tika or even malay! I also chopped up some green chillies, for those who wanted extra hot!