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30 before 30 list and new hobbies

My latest hobby, knitting. I have knitted before, don’t get me wrong, I know the 101 of knitting, however, I can’t say with pride that I have every created anything from a ball of wool and 2 needles…well until now. So far I have created a beanie, which I have to say I am madly in love with, and I am about three quarter way through a winter scarf, which I shall make a matching beanie.

But I am guessing the real question going through your mind is…why knitting. Well, I have a 30 before 30 list which I have been trying to knock out of the way. I can happily say that I am on a roll! I am currently 29 and 3 months, and only have a few items left on my list. I know one or two will be pushed onto my 35 before 35 list, but that is January’s worry.

My 30 before 30 list is as follows

Learn to play golf – Since I am married to a golf pro (and been working in the golf industry for 5 years), this is done and dusted. We go out to the driving range once a week, I now not only can drive the ball, I can keep up with the lingo and even watched parts of the Masters with my husband.

Learn to scuba dive – this needs to be done still – I have a plan in motion, when it warms up.

Experience Victoria Falls – I have been to Niagara, so I have to see Vic. Hopefully this year.

Go on a cruise ship – Again, hopefully this year

Knit a scarf – This I have completed. My Mother in law was such a great help!

Own a brand new car – This has been achieved when I bought my brand new car last year August.

Do a wine course – I often look at the Wine Academy of Cape Town…I want! I need to find a way to do this! Anyone know of a correspondence course or one in the Eastern Cape?

Own a bonsai tree – My lovely husband gave me a Weeping Boerboon last year to celebrate our 1 year of dating. She is beautiful, she is so well loved and is still full of luscious green leave

Touch a dolphin – Now I know this sounds somewhat suspect. It was originally swim with dolphins, but I really want to go to a place like ushaka marine world – I got this from their website – Meet a Dolphin Get up close and personal with one of the ocean’s most incredible mammals. You will be able to meet, touch and feed a dolphin – a once in a lifetime experience.

Plant a tree for my 30th birthday – This I will complete the day I turn 30

Go to the FBI2012 and spend time with all the inspiring foodie friends – this plan is in motion as we speak!

Be able to converse in a foreign language – I have 2 years of very basic German under my belt, I would like to carry on with this.

Complete a photographic Diary for a month – I have now done 2 of these, and I love it!

Make a scrap book – Now people who know me know that I am not very sentimental, but I would like to make a scrapbook of our wedding…maybe

Play Bingo with a crowd of “Bingoers” – This was awesome. I “bingo’ed” with the best of “bingoers”. When I was in the USA I use to watch this, and never had the courage to do so, until there was a bingo night and we went, had loads of fun. Didn’t bingo at all though

Have an inspiring blog – I like to believe that I inspire at least one or two people out there, so I feel I have achieved this!

Host a traditional Japanese tea party – For our wedding we received the most beautiful tea set from my brother & his wife, this is just about done and dusted, just need to find people who like to drink tea.

Complete 1 Open Course Program – This is important to me, open course is free online programs from different colleges in the USA which you can do at leisure. You don’t get a degree or anything, however, it’s a learning experience, and you can never take away knowledge

Cook the national dish of 2 countries from every continent – I think this would be such a wonderful research project

Write a letter to my “Old Self” – This was inspired by a book I read, and it’s so true. I want to write a letter to my old self to tell her not to worry, you have not only succeeded in your career, but in life as well, you have a wonderful husband, a lovely home, live in a great area, and have a wonderful family and FYI your parents don’t hate, they only want what’s best for their little girl.

Read more – at least 15 books this year. I have achieved 7 so far, so I think I am well on my way to finishing this one.

Start drawing & Painting again – I have done one drawing so far this year, I am not putting much punch behind this to task, however, I know I have time. I want to complete at least one painting this year, and at least 10 drawings.

Travel somewhere completely new – This has been done when my husband took me on honeymoon to Umgazi Rive Lodge. I have not experienced the Transki before, so this was such a wonderful journey, and I got to share it with him.

Eat something so different it will make other people go WHAT?!?!? – I achieved this when I ate deep fried pig brain. It was actually very tasty and I have since at it twice.

Blog for an entire month everyday – not a photo diary – would be awesome to blog like I use to, where I would sometimes post twice a day.

Be more daring with my makeup – I have always done the casual look, be as natural as possible, and being in the kitchen means I don’t often get to glitz myself up. Lately I have been experimenting with bold fun colours on my eyes and I am loving it!

Have professional photo set done – Done this when we had our engagement photos done as well as our wedding photos It was so much fun, Heather from Heather Stevens Photography is absolutely wonderful.

Visit the top of Table Mountain – I want to sit on top of the mountain and overlook Cape Town with my wonderful husband.